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Asphalt Street Storm Racing Review

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Review

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is a free to play racing game that lets you race through large cities against AI or online players. Developed and published by Gameloft. Asphalt Street Storm Racing game is one of many in the Asphalt series. Is this a worthy entry in the series? Is it worth your time? Should you stick to a different game in the series, or switch to a racing game from a different developer entirely? Let’s find out.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Game Play

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Gameplay

Here you start off in New York. You received an invitation to the Street Storm Competition. Luckily, you’ve made it! It’s time to show other racers who’s the boss of this city. The game doesn’t actually work as you might expect. You don’t really get to control the car, which is unfortunate.

At the start of each race you tap the button on the right side to start the engine. Make sure you keep the needle in the green area of the speedometer. When the countdown reaches zero you tap the left button to launch the car. You can also launch the car early, but you have to time it right so as to not cross the line before the race starts.

As you race through the streets of New York you tap the white arrows to change gears.  Your main goal while racing, apart from winning, is to keep that needle in the green area by changing gears at the right time.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. It gets boring really fast as you don’t get to steer the car at all. Even the races are boring to watch. They’re just cars moving forward to the finish line. No turns, no corners, no drifting, nothing. It would’ve been much better if you had corners that you had to time right and more features to keep you engaged in the race. The game tries to be simple, but the idea is poorly executed and is sadly, wasted potential.

After a few races you realize that there’s nothing interesting to see. Except for the N2O Bottles that you buy and tap on to get a good boost. This will hopefully help you get past your opponent or help you keep the lead even if you make a mistake.


Asphalt Street Storm Racing Graphics

The graphics aren’t that good either. Buildings and trees look decent, but something feels wrong. A huge impact on the graphics might be that there are barely any shadows, if at all.  The cars in the menu look okay, but when racing everything just looks worse. It doesn’t seem to look as good as the screenshots show. Other Asphalt games look much better than this. What went wrong when the developers worked on the graphics is beyond me. Maybe they were a bit lazy and didn’t bother trying to optimize and bring great graphics to most Android devices.

AI & Online

Subscribers are what you earn at the end of each race. You use them to unlock other cities, which is totally okay. There are AI opponents that you can race against in each city. The AI is pretty easy and most of the time easy to beat. These AI races are sort of a campaign mode and the easiest way to earn Subscribers. You are restricted to the first city online as well until you unlock the others.

That’s fine but I fear the gameplay just doesn’t hold up long enough to even bother trying to unlock all the cities. What’s really annoying about this game is that connection problems with the server can happen even when playing against an AI. That is ridiculous.

You also have a 4-player racing mode but I haven’t had luck getting in a race with 4 players at all, which may show the game’s low player base. A neat idea in the game though is that you can place your bet whenever you race someone. Apart from that, each race feels pretty much the same. The player that manages to launch his car earlier usually wins the race. The boosts and car stats also end up determining who wins the race in the end.


To buy a car, you need Diamonds. Each car can be upgraded using Cash. Every time you want to upgrade you will have to wait real life minutes or hours for the upgrade to finish. You can speed it up by watching a 30-second ad or finish upgrading instantly using Diamonds. There are a ton of things that you can upgrade, from specific engine parts to the exhaust system, to the tires – you really have a lot of things to upgrade.

This is great, but unfortunately the gameplay just doesn’t hold up to this standard. The gameplay is barebones compared to the amount of things available for upgrading. There’s a decent selection of cars that you can buy.

However, you’re most likely going to stop playing the game before you manage to buy a mid or high tier car. Personally I don’t play a lot of racing games but the gameplay here is so shallow that I doubt even racing fans could enjoy it at all.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Conclusion


  • Lots of parts that you can upgrade.
  • Decent selection of cars.


  • Boring, repetitive gameplay.
  • Little variety.
  • Graphics don’t really look that good.
  • Each race is practically the same, with no corners or obstacles to deal with.
  • Connection problems, even when playing with AI.

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