Textra SMS Review-Free SMS and MMS App

Textra SMS Review-Free SMS and MMS App

Textra SMS is a free SMS and MMS app that’s designed as a wonderful, customization alternative to your default Android messaging app. With over 10 million downloads, this app surely offers tons of features that everyone would like to have in their messenger. Developed and published by Delicious Inc., let’s take a look at how delicious their app is!

Textra SMS Features & Customization

Launching the app for the first time shows a nice, fast animation of a rocket going through space, followed by the app’s logo and slogan: “Simple. Beautiful. Hyper fast.”. Then the app takes you to its messaging screen, where you can see all your previous messages.

You can message this bot some simple commands, such as ‘Hello’ or ‘tip’ to get tips on how to use the app. One of these tips includes dragging a bubble to the left in order to see their time stamps on the right side of the screen.

Tapping on a bubble will give you options such as copy, forward, delete, message details and the ability to enter multi-select mode in order to select multiple messages. You can also tap and hold on a message to enter multi-select mode.

Tapping on the arrow at the top right corner of the screen lets you see who is in the conversation, an option to pin the message to the top, a mute button, an option to blacklist or share by e-mail and the ability to customize the conversation.

Textra SMS Colors

In the Customize screen you can adjust the bubble colors, both received and sent ones to a variety of different shades. Text color can also be adjusted, but there are not as much options as there is for the bubbles. You can also tap on the Match button to restore both received and sent bubbles as well as text back to their own color.


Notifications also have their own set of options that you can customize. You can adjust if tapping on the notification will let you send a Quick Reply with a keyboard already open, without a keyboard or if you prefer you can let it open the full app. If you use Quick Reply then you can choose if you’d like it to automatically close after you send the message or if you want it to stay open so you can keep on chatting.

Heads-up notifications are notifications that slide down from the top of the screen and present you with a larger, clearer notification that you can then tap on to reply, swipe to the right to mark as read or swipe up to leave it for later. You get to choose how long this kind of notification should stay when your phone is unlocked as well as when it’s locked. It can also be turned off if you want to.

The notification icon can also be adjusted to a variety of colors as well as the LED blink color. You can even change the sound of the notification as well as turn on the option to repeat the notification a specific number of times.

There is also the option to choose if you’d like your phone to always vibrate when a notification appears, or you can set it to vibrate only when your phone is on silent. Textra also has a variety of vibrate patterns that you can choose from. You can even create your own vibrate pattern which is pretty cool. But of course all of this can be turned off.

Other options for notifications also include adjusting if the screen should wake up or not and if the phone should vibrate and/or play a notification sound during a phone call or in the conversation screen. You can even adjust the notification so that it doesn’t show your contact or the text in the message for more privacy. There’s quite a lot of things you can turn on and off in this app which is great. There are a lot of things to adjust to make things work the way you want.

Sending Options  

As for sending messages, you can add a delay each time you send a message or even a signature that will appear in every message in that conversation. If you have more than one signature, then you can quickly change it in the conversation screen before sending your message. You can also enable or disable options such as the ability to send a message by tapping Enter, turn on a sound that plays whenever you send a message and there’s an option that automatically closes the keyboard for you whenever you send a message.

Screen Colors

Textra SMS Customization

There are even more options that you can customize. If you click on the 3-dots in the top right corner of the screen in the messaging menu and head to Settings, you will see that there’s another section for customizing colors, font and emoji styles. If you aren’t used to the dark screen color background then you can change it to Light mode. Theme colors can also be adjusted and even the app’s icon color, too. Changing the app’s icon color requires a restart of the app for it to work.

Emoji Styles

Emoji styles can be changed as well. If you’re tired of the regular Android emojis then you can switch to a Twitter, iOS or Emoji One style. Doing this though will require you to download your specified emoji style through the Play Store. Once you’ve installed your emoji style head back to Textra and you will see that your new emoji style has been added. This is a pretty cool feature if you’d like to check out what other emojis look like or you might already be used to iOS or Twitter emojis and would like to continue using them.

Textra SMSConclusion


  • Great alternative.
  • Lots of customization.
  • Easy on the eyes.
  • Emoji styles.


  • N/A

Textra SMS:Download

Prison Architect Mobile Review -Simulation Game

Prison Architect Mobile Review -Simulation Game

Prison Architect Mobile is a simulation game where the goal is to build and manage a prison in which some of the toughest baddies are taken to. First made on the PC with huge success, this game now comes to Android and iOS phones in hopes of giving you a game that lets you create the most secure prison on the go. It’s probably not the kind of game you’ve ever played before. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to manage a maximum security prison.

Prison Architect Mobile Game Play

Upon launching the game you get a nice introduction to the prison that you can manage in the campaign mode. Inmates sleeping in their cells, new inmates arriving, engineers placing doors and toilets in cells. You immediately also see the simple but nice NPC models, showing only their head and torso. There are various facilities that you can build, and each facility first requires making a building with an entrance.

This may take some time, as your workmen slowly bring materials from the storage to the area you are building at. I like how this is done. It shows that it’s somewhat realistic and that a building can’t get instantly made out of nothing. Everything that you build will require these little workmen to come to the construction area and do all the hard work.

Prison Architect Mobile Story Mode

Prison Architect Mobile Gameplay

After beating this 1st Chapter that is basically a tutorial that introduces you to a few things in the game such as Utilities mode in which you place electric cables throughout the prison for electricity, you find out something very unfortunate. To continue this story mode you need to buy the rest of the Chapters as an In-App Purchase. What’s worse, it’s not a price tag that unlocks all Chapters and the beloved Architect mode, but only the next Chapter. There are 5 Chapters in total and each Chapter costs $3. Apparently there is an option to buy the full game for $15, but I don’t see it anywhere in the game at all.

Architect Mode

In Architect Mode you start from scratch with some money, a few workers and materials which arrive in regular intervals. You have complete control to build the kind of prison that you want. There are no objectives that force you to do this or that. The only thing to keep an eye on is when the prisoners are supposed to arrive. Other than that, you have full freedom over everything else. Except that you actually don’t.

When installing the Prison Architect Mobile you probably expected to at least have enough fun content that you can play for free. But you don’t. Even the Architect mode has a few, crucial limitations. You can only get a max of 40 prisoners. Maybe that’s not too bothering for you but, hold on. That’s not all. You’re limited to only 7 in-game days. Yep, that’s how long your prison will last in this demo. 7 days.

That’s not really a lot of time. It doesn’t really let you create the best prison that you can. And that’s not all, there’s more! You think this would be enough, but no, there has to be something more. The option to adjust map generation is completely locked. No way to adjust any option. They could’ve at least allowed some part of map generation to adjust, but instead, they fully lock it. That’s not alright.

Okay, maybe all these limitations are totally fine for you. Maybe they are. If it were only these limitations, you could still have fun with the game for a bit. But, there’s yet another limitation.


This limitation is so huge that it basically makes it pointless to spend time playing the free version of the game at all. You cannot save your game.

Yep. There’s no option to save all the things you’ve built so far. You would think that you could say, make the first few cells and walls and all the important bits a prison needs, then turn off the game to continue later when you feel like it. No, you can’t. None of your progress is saved.

Technical Problems

Prison Architect Mobile Issues

There is actually an auto-save option but it’s very unreliable. It worked once, but the next time my save was completely lost. On top of all the limitations I mentioned the game doesn’t seem to always even work properly. Crashes just seem to randomly occur. It also feels a bit laggy at times when it’s not supposed to, especially in the menu, for no good reason. The graphics in this game are simple and look decent, they aren’t anything that should push your device to the limit. This lack of optimization is terrible.



  • Very good gameplay with lots of things to manage.
  • Unique management sim, something not really done before.


  • The game randomly crashes.
  • Might feel a bit laggy at times when it’s not supposed to.
  • Free version is very limited.
  • No save option in the free version of Architect mode is terrible and makes it worthless planning a well thought out prison.

Prison Architect Mobile:Download

What The Hen! Review -Strategy Line Defense Game

What The Hen! Review -Strategy Line Defense Game

What The Hen! Is a free to play, strategy line defense game that mixes some of the collectible card genre with lots of humor and unique cartoon graphics. After about 2 years of development, developer Charged Monkey has finally finished creating their first unique game that combines the tower defense and collectible card genres into an interesting, fun title.

What The Hen tutorial

Entering the game will show a quick comic style cutscene followed by the tutorial. The way the game works is you place cards on the battlefield who will automatically start moving and attacking the enemy. You have Tanks, which is your main line of offense.

There are Ranged cards, which you should always keep behind Tanks. Fighters are the fastest cards in the game and you have the Wildcard class which is like the Ranged class except it deals a lot more damage and has a lot more health.

You can also use Spell cards such as the Lighting card to deal tons of damage to enemy cards on the battlefield. Each card requires a specific amount of Eggs to deploy. You can see how many Eggs you have by looking at the yellow bar bellow the cards, which slowly fills up over time.

What The Hen Tutorial

The goal of the game is to get your units to reach the enemy Hero and to destroy him, making you the victor. After winning a match you are awarded new cards, XP, upgraded cards and/or Resource cards, such as Coins or Gems.

You can also level up your Hero which will give you increased health and more Gems. The Hero can also be customized with a different skin color and with various different clothes, which cost Gems.

Cards & Map  

Finishing the tutorial match will take you to the main menu screen, where you can either continue doing fights as the game suggests or take a look at all the things you can do. Once you’ve leveled up a card you can go and upgrade it in the Cards screen. To upgrade a card, you need Coins.

There are 5 Factions in the game: Robutts, Villagers, Horde, Dwarves and Elves. You can use cards from each of these Factions once you unlock them but some of them can only be unlocked after reaching a certain Chapter in the Map.

There are 4 Chapters and each Chapter is divided into 10 missions. Once you’ve completed enough missions you can play the Arena mode. Overall the missions are fun and there doesn’t seem to be anything preventing you from completing all the Chapters in one go, which is great.  Apart from English, you can also play the game in 10 other widely used languages.

What The Hen Gameplay

Arena Mode

The Arena mode is the online part of the game, where you can fight thousands of other players playing the game. This mode is divided into Leagues in order to match you with a player of the same level.

After a match ends you earn XP and Trophies, which are used to determine your position in the League, as well as if you are ready to go up to the next League. There are 4 Chest Slots in the Arena screen. When you earn a Chest, you can unlock it. Unlocking takes up real life hours, but can be unlocked instantly by using Gems. Unfortunately you cannot simultaneously unlock another Chest.

You have to wait for the first one to finish unlocking in order to start unlocking the next one. This also means that once you filled all the Chest Slots, you won’t be able to earn any more Chests until you free up a Slot. There are 18 Leagues in total.

What The Hen Gameplay


The Shop (which is the chest icon on the bottom left corner of the screen) features a free Special Deal, Chest, Coins and Gems. Other Special Deals can be bought using Coins or Gems, while Coins and Chests require Gems in order to buy them. Gems can either be collected free or bought as an In-App Purchase. You can also pay a Monthly Subscription which will let you claim 50 Gems every day for 1 month. Rare Offers, Mystery Chests and Happy Boxes may also appear which last for a limited time and can only be bought as an In-App Purchase. You don’t have to waste your money on the game at all as you can still accomplish everything with in-game currencies and smart use of cards in each battle.



  • Simple gameplay with a bit of tactical depth.
  • Cartoonish style fits the game well.
  • Good card design and variety.


  • Chests in Arena mode take up hours to unlock.

What The Hen:Download

Super Mario Run Review – free to play auto runner

Super Mario Run Review – free to play auto runner

Super Mario Run is a free to play side-scrolling auto-runner made by legendary developer Nintendo. This is Nintendo’s first mobile game which has already received over 50 million downloads since its March 2017 Android release. Known for their classic, critically acclaimed Mario games that are praised for their amazing level design, let’s see what Nintendo has managed to pull off with this mix of platforming and auto-running.

Super Mario Run Introduction

Upon launching the game you will be given the option to link to a Nintendo Account. Linking to a Nintendo Account allows you to restore your user data, give you access to special features only available to those with an account and you will be able to set your Mii (your avatar from Nintendo consoles) as your icon. If you don’t link your account then you will be unable to use the same user data on a different device. After that you select your country and enter a nickname and icon for your profile.

Once you finish all that you receive an invitation from Princess Peach, who asks you to come to her party at the castle. You then see Mario and hear his great voice, along with another old enemy that just about everyone knows by now. That’s right. It’s Bowser. As you hear his roar he appears and says that he’s taking Peach once again. He’s taking the cake, too! No, not the cake! If you played any Mario game, then you probably expected this to happen, as it always does. Bowser kidnaps Peach, and your goal is to save her.

super mario run review

Super Mario Run Game Play

Now the game begins with a quick explanation of how the game play works. It’s really simple. In this game, Mario automatically moves forward, collecting any coins along the way. The upbeat music and colorful graphics are a joy to see and hear. When he comes up to a small obstacle, Mario automatically vaults over it and continues his journey. He will even automatically jump over small enemies. I think this may be a bit too much, as in any Mario game you get to control when Mario jumps. I feel as if there’s a bit too much hand-holding here. Later on in the game you may not notice this as much because you still end up doing a lot of manual jumping, so that’s great.

When you come across a big gap, Mario won’t automatically jump. If you do fall in one of these, Mario will be put inside a bubble which will float in the air. Simply tap on the bubble so you can continue near the location you were at before you failed. You have a limited number of bubbles and a time limit to finish the level. To jump, simply tap on the screen. The longer you hold onto the screen, the higher you’ll jump.

As in any Mario game you collect Coins throughout the level. Here you also have 5 Pink Coins which are hidden throughout the level. When vaulting over an enemy you can try and tap on the screen to make some stylish moves. You can even do wall jumps. To pull off a wall jump, jump onto a wall and quickly tap again to jump to the opposite direction.

In the main screen, known as the Kingdom screen, you can see what Bowser has done to this one beautiful kingdom. Now destroyed and barren, it’s your job to rebuild it back to its former glory. Here you can choose to play one of the 3 game modes Super Mario Run offers. These game modes are: World Tour, Road Rally and Kingdom Builder.

super mario run review

Super Mario Run World Tour

Super Mario Run World Tour is your regular campaign mode. It’s divided into 6 Worlds and each World features 4 levels to play through. The levels are greatly designed and a lot of fun to beat. Unfortunately only the first World is available for free. To play other Worlds, you have to buy the full game which costs $10. That’s quite expensive for a mobile game as even the full game will only take an hour or two to fully finish. Nintendo should have made a lot more levels to try and justify this high price tag.

Super Mario Run Toad Rally

Toad Rally is the multiplayer part of the game. Here your goal is to collect as many Coins as you can while competing with another player. The amount of Toads that come to cheer for you also impacts your chances of winning. You have to make stylish moves in order to get more Toads to cheer for you. As I mentioned earlier, you do stylish moves by tapping on the screen while you are vaulting over an enemy. Doing certain things fills up the Coin Rush gauge. Fill it up all the way to activate Coin Rush mode. In Coin Rush you earn double the Coins than usual.

Each race lasts 60 seconds. Once the race ends you get to see who has the highest score. The Toads that cheered for you also end up joining for your Kingdom. You have 5 types of Toads: Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow. Keep getting as many Toads as you can in order to level up your castle. Unfortunately, only one Toad color is available in the free version. You have to buy the full game in order to unlock more Toad colors. To play a race, you need to have Rally Tickets.

Super Mario Run Kingdom Builder

In the Super Mario Run Kingdom Builder you can buy, move and place buildings. You unlock buildings as you play and then you have to buy them in the Shop. To buy a building, you need to have a sufficient amount of Coins. You can place a building on a few specified spots. Tap on the building to interact with it. Some buildings are called Bonus Game Houses. When you tap on these houses you will be taken to a bonus level where you can earn Coins and Rally tickets. You can play a bonus level every 4 hours.

Some buildings in Super Mario Run belong to a specific character in the game. When you place this type of building, the character associated with the building unlocks and becomes available for you to play with.

super mario run review

Super Mario Run Conclusion

The Good

  • Simple, fun game play.
  • Upbeat music.
  • Colorful graphics.
  • Toad Rally is a fun game mode.

The Bad

  • Limited content, World Tour only features 1 free World.
  • You can’t collect all Toad colors.
  • Expensive price tag for the full game.
  • Full game is really short.

Super Mario Run: Download

Titan Brawl Review -Free to Play MOBA

Titan Brawl Review -Free to Play MOBA

Titan Brawl is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and the first game developed and published by Omnidrone. With so many other MOBAs out there already, is Titan Brawl worth playing? Does it manage to stand out from the rest? Let’s find out what the developers have cooked up with their first title, which has already been downloaded over 1 million times.

Titan Brawl Tutorial

Titan Brawl Menu


Once the game has loaded you are thrown into Titan Brawl’s tutorial. The first thing you have to do in every battle is to deploy your Champion. You do this by tapping or holding on the Champion’s icon and moving it in the battlefield. You can put it in one of 2 lanes.

Once you’ve put it in one of the lanes, your Champion will start moving and attacking the opponent automatically. Each Champion has their own Special Move that they can use. To use a Special Move you need to have Mana, which you gain as you play the match.

Titan Brawl Controls

As any other MOBA, matches in Titan Brawl also feature Minions that spawn at regular intervals and attack enemies in their lanes. These Minions can be upgraded by heading to your Totem’s profile at the Inventory screen. Each match lasts 3 minutes, making them quick, interesting and sometimes rather intense.


The objective is to destroy the opponent’s Totem using your Champions. When a Champion gets taken down, you need to wait a specific amount of time before you can deploy it again.  As the match goes on you get more Champions to deploy. Every match randomizes which Champion you can deploy first, so be ready for anything.

Once the match is over you can take a look at the amount of Champions both sides managed to take down. You also earn rewards at the end of each match. These rewards are Skulls, Medals and Bonus Boxes. Bonus Boxes can be collected later in the menu screen while Skulls are used for unlocking Skull Boxes.

To collect a Bonus Box you need to wait real time minutes or hours and then you can head to the Altar screen to unlock it and receive its rewards. You can also speed up the process using Gems. Unfortunately you can’t start collecting all the Bonus Boxes as once, as you need to wait one by one real time hours for them to finish.

That’s quite a nuisance. There’s also a limit of 3 slots, so after playing 3 matches you can either continue playing online without earning Bonus Boxes, or wait for the current ones to finish unlocking.

Titan Brawl Gameplay 

Titan Brawl Gameplay

Campaign Mode

Titan Brawl features a Campaign mode which showcases a nicely drawn map and a road that is marked with dots, which are the battles that you have to go through. You don’t earn any Skulls or Medals in Campaign mode, but you do earn Bonus Boxes. Sadly at some point you will get blocked by a timer that lasts 3 hours, preventing you from continuing the Campaign mode. The further you progress through the Campaign mode, the larger the wait times are. You can use Gems to remove the timer but putting such a feature in a Campaign mode is really unnecessary.

Training & Ranked Mode

Training Mode lets you practice online without any rewards. The regular online Ranked mode lets you earn Medals, which increases your Rank. As you level up your Rank you can unlock new Arenas and new Champions. However, these new Champions will have to be found by opening boxes.

Titan Brawl Features

The Shop & Altar

Titan Brawl Shop

The Shop features a Free Box that you can acquire every 8 hours. You also have Bronze, Golden, Platinum and Ultimate Boxes, which can be bought using Gems. Gems can be earned from the Free Box or you can buy them as an In-App Purchase, the smallest price being $2.26 for 200 Gems. If you head to the Altar screen you can open up all your unlocked boxes which may feature a new Champion.


Titan Brawl Inventory

If you’d like to add a new Champion to your team, simply head on over to the Inventory screen and swap them out. You can put 3 Champions in your roster, 1 Totem and 1 Titan. Titans are basically powerful Champions and a Totem is the tower, the main base that you defend. Every Champion, Totem and Titan can be leveled up for more health and damage. Special Moves can also be leveled up. Boxes may contain XP for a specific Champion and are the only way to level up your Totems, Titans and Champions.

Elite Leaderboard Screen

Titan Brawl also includes an Elite Leaderboard, where you can take a look at the current best players in the world. How does one appear on this leaderboard? Well, you have to keep playing in order to reach the Elite Rank. From here you will have a chance of claiming your spot on the Elite leaderboard.


  • Quick, tactical gameplay.
  • Good graphics and animations.
  • Nice set of Champions, each with their own special moves.


  • Too many wait timers limiting how fast you can play the Campaign mode.

Titan Brawl:Download

Tower Conquest Review – Strategy Game

Tower Conquest Review – Strategy Game


Tower Conquest is a strategy game where the goal is to destroy enemy towers. It’s one of many games that mix up the collectible card genre to try and create a fresh. Developed and published by Tango, widely known for their Tango messaging app.let’s see if Tower Conquest offers anything that separates it from other games of the tower defense genre.

Main Menu

Tower Conquest Review

Upon entering the game you get to see a peasant in a jungle touching a skull which activates a tower with a portal, unleashing monsters in the area. After that you are thrown in the main menu screen where you are forced to head to the Campaign mode to fight straight away.

Tower Conquest Gameplay

Tower Conquest Gameplay

Before each battle you can take a look at the enemies you will face, the rewards you will earn as well the units you will be able to use in the battle. The goal is simple: destroy the enemy tower before the enemy destroys yours.


Tower Conquest have Mana, which is used to summon units on the field. It refills over time but make sure you use it wisely, creating a plan as to which unit to summon first. Mana can also be upgraded and you will have to do this as most units require a lot more Mana than you receive at the start of the battle. Enemies sometime drop Mana Orbs when they are taken down. Make sure to tap on the orbs to collect them in order to quickly gain more Mana.

Once you summon a unit it will automatically begin to head towards the enemy tower, attacking anything that stands in its way.

Tower Conquest tower has a special attack that you can use to deal devastating damage on enemy units. It’s good to use on large groups of units to prevent them from reaching your tower. On the top right corner of the screen is the enemy tower’s health bar as well as a button to increase the game speed. Enemy units may sometimes drop power-ups which once you tap on will cause powerful effects.

Rewards & Upgrade

Tower Conquest Upgrade

At the end of each battle you can see the amount of XP and Gold you have earned, as well as if you met the required Victory objectives, which include completing the battle under 150 seconds, keeping your tower untouched and of course, winning the battle. Leveling up earns you rewards such as new cards, more Gold and it maxes out the amount of Energy you have. To unlock a new card you need to have collected that card a specific amount of times. Each unit has its own set of health, speed and damage, making each unit useful for a specific situation. Units can be leveled up using Gold, but their maximum level is the level the player is currently at. So if you are at level 5, the unit will not be able to go over level 5 until you level up as well.

There are 5 Factions in the game: Kingsmen, Undead, Robots, Jade Empire and Invaders. You can use a combination of units from each faction to create your own unique army. To add or remove units to your squad, tap the “A” button to open the Squad screen where you will be able to swap a weaker unit for a stronger one. If you click on your Profile on the top left corner of the screen you will be able to see how many battles you have won and you can go take a look at the Options screen where you can adjust visual quality and other options. Connecting your Facebook account to the game will reward you with 100 hero cards, 25 Gems and 1000 Gold.

Tower Conquest Modes

Tower Conquest Modes

Campaign Mode

The Campaign Mode consists of Worlds, which are divided into Maps. Maps are divided into 5 battles and at the end of each Map is a chest which rewards you with Gold, Gems, Energy or Units. Apart from the Campaign mode, you also have Arena and Training mode. Unfortunately both of these modes are locked until you reach a specific level, forcing you to continue the Campaign mode. Reaching level 10 to unlock Arena mode may take a while, which is rather annoying. It’s ridiculous how far some developers go to lock features that the players would want to play a few minutes after getting used to the game.

Arena Mode

Anyways, once you do play the game long enough to unlock it simply tap on the Arena button and the game will find an opponent for you to play with. You can also skip the opponent if you don’t want to play against him using Gold. The game will then start searching for another opponent. Just like in the Campaign mode you can take a look at how much XP and Gold you will earn. With the Arena mode the League mode is also unlocked where you can take a look at the daily results as well as your current League rank. The more you play the higher chances you have of climbing up the League table.

Training Mode

When you reach level 5 you unlock the Training mode. At the start you have 1 Training Slot with the option of gaining more as you level up. Training mode will give you 3 cards for every unit that you currently have in your squad. It takes up real life hours to finish training. You can finish the training instantly by using Gems. To start a Training will also require you to give 1 Energy. Energy is also consumed whenever you start a battle, which limits the amount of times you can play that day. Keep that in mind before using it in the Training mode. When you run out of Energy you can watch a video to gain 1 Energy or refill it fully using Gems. You can also wait 30 minutes for the game to refill your Energy back.


There are also Quests that change daily and are useful for earning Gems. In the Market you can find 5 cards that change daily. These cards are bought using Gems. While Gems can be earned from Chests, they can also be bought as an In-App Purchase. Gold can be bought using Gems but you can also watch 30-second videos or earn them by winning battles.


  • Fun, tactical gameplay.
  • Lots of different cards with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Various different ways to build up your playstyle.


  • Takes a bit long to unlock Arena & League modes.

Tower Conquest:Download

Vertigo Racing Review -Racing With Vintage Cars

Vertigo Racing Review -Racing With Vintage Cars


Vertigo Racing is a free to play racing game where you use vintage cars to drive through snow and dust as fast as you can without going off the road into your doom.  This is the 2nd game that Deep Byte Studios has developed, which was previously published by Chillingo, an Electronic Arts studio. Their 1st game was a shoot ’em up called Abyss Attack, also previously published by Chillingo. With over 4.5 million downloads, Vertigo Racing Is quite a popular game. Let’s see how good has Deep Byte Studios drifted into the racing genre.

Vertigo Racing Tutorial Features  Vertigo Racing Gameplay

Launching the game will put you in a quick tutorial to get you to grips with the controls. Here you get to see the game’s very interesting aesthetic from the 1950s that mixes some nice surf-rock music which is a sub-genre of rock that was quite popular back in that time.

Next to the road might be a bit of foliage and rocks but apart from that it looks like a long fall down to nowhere, as if you’re driving on the Wall of China.


The controls are simple: hold the left side of the screen to break and the right side of the screen to accelerate. There is no steering in this game.

Vertigo Racing Gameplay

Vertigo Racing Gameplay

You just have to kick into gear and the car will start moving automatically. Driving takes up fuel, which you only have a limited amount of. Carefully accelerate and break so as to not fall off the road. Fuel stations are set up throughout the level which once you pass through will refill your car with more fuel. The more Fuel Stations you pass through, the more Coins you will earn.

Watch out for rocks, trees or anything on the side of the road, as hitting any object will damage your car.  The physics are great. You can sometimes even see some damaged parts of the car depending on what side the car was hit at.

Coins & Goals

You can upgrade speed, fuel, acceleration and damage using Coins. Coins are earned while playing the game and can also be bought as an In-App Purchase. You can also double the amount of Coins that you earn forever by paying $6.31. There are 10 levels in total, and to play the next level you will have to unlock it using Coins.

The goal of each level is to reach a specific distance in order to win a Cup. Winning a Cup will earn you a lot of Coins. Each car has their own distance they have to reach. Later you unlock challenges that you can try to pull off, which can include things like drifting for 10 seconds. Completing challenges earns you more Coins. The cars look beautiful in this game. They are very well designed.


In the main menu screen you can find the gear icon which will lead you to the Options screen where you can adjust music, sound, turn on a mini map, take a look at who made the game or change the language. Apart from English there are 9 other widely used languages. In the main menu screen you can also find buttons that are used to connect your Google Play and Facebook accounts.


Vertigo Racing Customization

Pressing the Play button will take you to the screen where you can upgrade your car, buy Coins, choose a different car or even customize the color of your car. You can change the exterior and interior color separately. Changing the color of your car will cost Coins, though. I really like that you can rotate the camera around your car to take a look at how great they look, even the interiors have been designed pretty well. I really appreciate the amount of detail and effort put into these car models.

There are 10 cars in total, with the 1st one unlocked at the start, while the others require Coins to unlock them. Each car has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, the “Peggy Sue” is good at accelerating and braking, but is easily damaged by anything on the side of the road.


Levels in Vertigo Racing are beautiful. Each level has its own theme and feels different when driving. For example, in the “Nordpeaks” level it’s harder to control your car due to the snowy environment. While later levels may take a bit longer to unlock the starting ones are still fun as you try and drive as far as you can while winning Cups and completing challenges which also reward you with more Coins. What’s also great is that there are no ads in the game at all.


  • Great gameplay, easy to learn but hard to master.
  • Good physics.
  • visual style, beautiful car models.
  • Unique and beautiful levels to drive through.
  • No ads!


  • Later levels may take a bit longer to unlock, but that also depends on how long and how well you play.

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